Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

Q.1I missed the deadline for registration can I still register my child?

Ans.Yes. Come to the class and we can register you there.

Q.2Classes have already started can I still register my child?

Ans.Yes. At the class.

Q.3Do I need to bring anything with me on registration day?


Q.4How do I get a registration form?

Ans.Currently you can only get the registration form during registration or at the class.

Q.5Can I register via email or phone?

Ans.No. Registration is available at class only

Q.6Do you keep records of when children were/are registered for a class?

Ans.Yes. But only for one semester.

Q.7Does my child need to be present during registration?


Q.8Do I need to pay for the whole session at registration?


Q.9How often do you offer the classes?

Ans.3 times a year. (Sept-Dec) (Feb-May) (June-August)

Q.10What happens during registration?

Ans.Sign-up, meet people, introductions and brief orientation.

Q.11On registration night, do I need to come right when it starts or can I come anytime?

Ans.Come anytime during the scheduled registration times.

Getting Started Questions

Q.1I am interested in getting my child into your program. What do I need to do to start?

Ans.Come to any one of our classes on any week, or come during the scheduled registration times. You can learn more about the class times and locations by visiting our schedules page.

Missing Class Questions

Q.1Do I still have to pay for classes that my child missed?


Q.2My child may miss a few classes because of other sports, is this ok?


Children Age Questions

Q.1What are the average ages of children in the classes?

Ans.Average age varies, but typically age 6-13 are averages.

Class Location Questions

Q.1How do I find out where the classes are located?

Ans.Schedules/Locations page on this Website.

Q.2Where are the classes located?

Ans.To find a location near you check out our Schedules/Locations page on this Website.

Class Cancellation Questions

Q.1Are classes cancelled due to inclement weather?

Ans.Only if the host facility closes.

Q.2How do I find out if a class has been cancelled?

Ans.Call the host facility.

Q.3What is the minimum registration before a class is cancelled?

Ans.There is no established minimum.

Costs & Fee Questions

Q.1What is the cost per week?


Q.2Do I have to pay for the whole session, or can I pay per week?

Ans.You can pay per week or for the whole session.

Q.3Is there a registration fee?

Ans.Yes, $4.00

Scholarship Questions

Q.1I’m on public assistance. Are there scholarships available for your program?


Q.2How do I go about getting a scholarship?

Ans.Make a photo copy of your EBT Card – bring it to the instructor – your class fee will be reduced to $3.00 per week

Refund Questions

Q.1I paid everything in advance but my child missed classes, can I request a refund for those classes?

Ans.Yes, but there is a fee to process the refund for unused classes.

Q.2How do I request a refund?

Ans.Contact main office.

Time Commitment Questions

Q.1How many hours/days a week must my child attend?

Ans.We do not require attendance but it is recommended to come as often as possible.

Employment Questions

Q.1How do I apply for a job with your program?

Ans.Contact the main office at 952-997-7732.

Franshising Questions

Q.1I’d like to get a Young Americans School of Self-Defense started in my town, how do I start?

Ans.Contact the main office at 952-997-7732.

Merchandise Questions

Q.1Do I need to purchase a uniform for my child to attend class?


Q.2How do I get a uniform or other items sold?

Ans.Contact your instructor or contact the main office at 952-997-7732.

Karate Tournament Questions

Q.1If my child attends the session, is my child required to attend the karate tournament?


Wushu Camp Questions

Q.1How can I get more information about Wushu Camp?

Ans.Contact the main office at 952-997-7732.